Secure Collaboration Solutions

CTI works with clients to document the Return on Investment (ROI) for an investment in a secure collaboration platform such as Google Apps. It is a simple ROI exercise to compare the cost of Google Apps or Office 365 to an organization’s current costs for Email, Calendar, Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, online Presence, User Data Storage and Real-Time Collaboration using a word processing, spreadsheet and presentation application that is compatible with MS Office.

CTI also provides email archiving, email encryption and data leak prevention solutions to truly secure any collaboration solution. CTI also offers Orbit a cloud-based enterprise content management system.

A second secure collaboration platform is Google MAPS. CTI clients are using Google Maps to add an unlimited number of data sets to global maps. Applications include the dispatching of police and emergency services to street addresses, adding weather data to weather maps, locating fire hydrants and emergency shelters, identifying evacuation routes, etc. Any data that would be enhanced by geospatial location is easily supported and searchable.

A third secure collaboration solution is the Google Cloud Computing Platform. This platform provide cost effective, on demanding computing resources for all types of proprietary applications. The platform includes the BigQuery application. Big Query is a large scale data analytics application.