Network-based Security Solutions

CTI offers next-generation firewalls (NGF) from Palo Alto Networks and Fortinet. A NGF has two majors goals,. First, a NGF will provide an organization with fine grain controls of all application across all ports. For example, an organization may use Facebook as a marketing tool, however only the Marketing Department should have the ability to update a Facebook page. A NGF makes it possible to restrict Facebook uploads to only people who are part of the marketing group. This is a simple example a fine grained NGF security policy.

A NGF will also provide the ability to execute a vary of security functions that, in the past, required dedicated appliances and applications. Today, a NGF can scan for malware, provide intrusion protection and intrusion detection applications, inspect SSL traffic and detect advanced persistent threats. The ability to perform these functions at high network throughput speeds makes a NGF a valuable security tool.