Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Solutions

It has been well documented that the vast majority of advanced persistent threats are being undertaken by criminal and state sponsored organizations who have the financial backing and wherewithal to successfully attack any organization. Historically, it takes organizations months before they realize that they have been compromised. Organization have come to realize that it is a given that they will be attacked and compromised. Therefore it is imperative that organizations have tools and policies in place to identify attacks and subsequent compromises.

CTI works with Alert Logic, Bromium, FIreEye, Mandiant and Trend Micro to detect and react to APTs. With our partners, FireEye and Trend Micro, we are able to examine unknown executable code in an isolated, secure computing environment with the goal of determining whether the code is trying to exploit an organization for purposes of data theft, identity theft or intellectual property theft.

In order to prepare for a compromise, CTI offers the following services.

  1. Incident Readiness Planning Service
  2. Vulnerability Assessment Service
  3. Breach Detection Service
  4. Digital Forensics Service
  5. Security Investment Optimization Service