Identity Management

1. Introduction

Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology can provide your organization with the ability to strengthen security, and meet compliancy and B2B requirements, while at the same time lowering costs and increasing efficiency. CTI is pleased to provide this brief overview of our capabilities and experience in the area of Identity and Access Management technology.

2. Company Background

CTI was founded in 1998 to help organizations implement reliable and flexible security solutions based on open standards and proven, best-of-breed commercial products.   Since its founding, CTI has assisted hundreds of large, medium and small organizations design and deploy such solutions.

These solutions often combine high-end Governance, Access Management, Password Management, Directory Services and User Account Provisioning technologies with Communications, Encryption and Database products.

Headquartered in New Jersey, CTI currently has additional office locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay.

As a value-added re-seller or integrator of premium Identity and Access Management software products from leading large vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, Computer Associates and ATOS-Siemens, as well as specialized, best-of-breed vendors such as SailPoint, Ping Identity, Radiant Logic, and UnboundID, CTI is uniquely qualified to assist customers in need of a total solution, based on components proven to provide maximum value.

3. Core Competency: Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management has been a CTI core competency since the company’s founding in 1998.  We understand how to best select and use the various advanced Identity and Access Management technologies available on the market today. These technologies include:

  • Governance and Access Certification
  • Automatic User Account Provisioning/De-provisioning
  • Directory Services (LDAP and X.500)
  • Password Management
  • Access Management / Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Federation (SAML-based)
  • Data Synchronization (Meta Directory)
  • Data Virtualization (Virtual Directory)

Based on years of experience, we can rapidly assess your organization’s requirements and recommend the best strategy and strongest commercial products from leading Identity and Access Management software product vendors, such as Microsoft, SailPoint, IBM, SAP, ATOS-Siemens, Oracle-Sun, Computer Associates and Ping Identity.

CTI can then assist in the architecture, design and implementation of a robust Identity and Access Management infrastructure which will meet current and future needs. This requires more than technical expertise and up-to-date information – it requires teaming closely with the customer’s IT staff and the ability to rapidly understand the organization, IT environment and related processes.

4. Deep Experience and Engineering Professionalism

CTI staff consultants are true Identity and Access Management specialists and on average have 10+ years solid hands-on experience in this field.

This means all of our consultants have been involved with the full life-cycle of many large-scale, internally and externally facing Identity and Access Management infrastructure projects across numerous sectors.   These sectors include government, petrochemical, energy, retail, financial, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, technology, publishing, travel, automotive, and healthcare.

Many of the projects our CTI consultants have been involved in are of strategic importance to our customers, with extremely high-end requirements in terms of scale, performance, security, management and fault tolerance.

Planning for co-existence, including migrating from one Identity and Access Management technology to another, is an area CTI excels in. Completing migration projects with no business disruption requires careful analysis, specialized tools, a proven methodology and the highest levels of technical expertise.

CTI consultants are veteran Identity and Access Management professionals with career-long commitment and strong expertise in this field. Many of our senior consultants take part in user groups, track emerging standards and are guest presenters at well-known industry conferences.

Finally, it is worth noting that CTI makes a significant investment every year in advanced technical training to ensure our consultants are up-to-date on the most recent advances in Identity and Access Management technologies, protocols and commercial products.

5. Flagship Customers

The CTI flagship customer list includes many large financial and insurance organizations, such as Morgan Stanley, UBS, Citigroup and Blue Cross.   Global, Fortune 500 leaders in other industries such as aerospace, energy, retail, pharmaceuticals, defense, food products, shipping and manufacturing have looked to CTI consultants for assistance when implementing and utilizing Identity and Access Management technologies on a strategic scale.  These have included Boeing, DuPont, Bristol Myers Squibb, Coca Cola, General Electric, DHL, ATOS-Siemens, General Motors, BBC and Wal Mart.

Federal, state and local government organizations have also benefited from working with CTI consultants as a partner for Identity and Access Management. These include the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Smithsonian Institute, State of South Carolina and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

CTI staff consultants have been directly involved with large, enterprise-level Identity and Access Management implementations for the following organizations:

AT&T Kaiser Bristol Myers Squibb
Marriott British Petroleum-Amoco Morgan Stanley
Citigroup Coca Cola DHL
Pearson Discover Card State Farm Insurance
DuPont State of South Carolina General Electric
UBS General Motors National Institutes of Health

6. Professional Services Offerings

We provide expert-level Professional Services to our clients to ensure successful selection and introduction of Identity and Access Management solutions.  These services include:

Strategy, Architecture and Vendor Selection

  • Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Baseline Environment Analysis
  • Target Architecture Development
  • Business Case Development
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Development
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • Research Papers and Fact Finding

Solution Design, Deployment and Support

  • Technical Project Planning and Management
  • Requirements Definition and Analysis
  • Technology Selection
  • Solution Design
  • Implementation
  • Customization
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Documentation Development
  • Training
  • Production System Rollout and Sustaining Support

7. Flexible Services Delivery Model

Our Professional Services delivery models are flexible enough to meet any customer need:

We can assist organizations on a turnkey project basis, governed by a detailed Statement-of-Work (SOW) contract. Such a contract defines objectives, tasks, deliverables, timelines, etc. and provides a governing blueprint for the services we provide to the customer.

In certain cases, we provide consulting services to customers only during key stages of a project, such as the technology evaluation, requirements analysis and design phases. Alternatively, we can deploy expert Identity and Access Management resources into an existing customer team for any length of time using a flexible, cost effective Staffing-type model.

When appropriate, we have also worked successfully in close teaming arrangement with a customer’s preferred, general-purpose systems integrator or outsource partner to provide the specialized Identity and Access Management related consulting and engineering services required to successfully complete a large program.

8. Proven Methodology for IAM Projects

CTI uses a proven, specialized 8-stage methodology for successfully completing Identity and Access Management solution deployment projects. This methodology, as summarized below, focuses on working collaboratively with our customer’s IT staff, while completing clearly defined stages with specific deliverables throughout the entire project life-cycle. While not all deployment project assignments require all of the stages and tasks outlined below, it is important to note CTI’s emphasis on methodology to achieve consistent, quality results for Identity and Access Management clients.

Stage Tasks
Stage-1: Project Initiation and Strategy
  • Work jointly with Customer to define goals and resource-loaded, Project-Work plan
  • Define Project roles and responsibilities
  • Define Communications and Change Management procedures for project
  • Define Deliverables, and completion criteria
  • Define Key Subject Matter experts
Stage-2: Discovery and Analysis
  • Gather business, functional and technical requirements into document form
  • Define authoritative data sources / owners
  • Analyze requirements and perform related fact finding
Stage-3: Design & Implementation Planning
  • Determine and document optimal design against requirements
  • Determine best implementation plan against business and IT operational requirements
  • Prepare detailed written Design-Implementation Plan
Stage-4: Software Installation & Configuration
  • Perform software installation, per Design-Implementation Plan
  • Configuration and tuning of solution , per Design-Implementation Plan
Stage-5: Build and Customize
  • Tailor / Customize system, per Design- Implementation Plan
Stage-6: Test Planning and Execution
  • Create functional and technical Test Plan
  • Create test lab environment
  • Prepare test automation tools
  • Execute unit and integration system tests
Stage-7: Solution Deployment
  • Commission the solution on production hardware, including live production cut-over support
Stage-8: Post-Production Support
  • Document administrative and maintenance procedures
  • Provide detailed system walk through and know how transfer to Customer staff
  • Transition system to Customer Operations staff